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What goes where?

If you’re new to recycling, it can be a little overwhelming but we’re here to help! Every building in the Halifax region is required to have garbage, recycling, organics (green cart), paper and cardboard bins and residents are required to sort their waste in their units, and place it in the proper bins. Here are some tips to help you sort and organize your garbage, recycling and organics!

Use a blue bag for your recyclables:

  1. all plastic containers

  2. all plastic bags

  3. glass and tin containers

  4. all milk containers

  5. aluminum foil and plates

Paper goes in a grocery bag or clear bag:

  1. paper

  2. envelopes

  3. magazines

  4. boxboard

  5. paper egg cartons

  6. shredded paper

  7. flatten cardboard before placing it in the bin

Green carts are for:

  1. all food waste

  2. napkins

  3. kitchen paper towels

You cannot put plastic, including plastic bags labelled “biodegradable” or “compostable” in the the green cart – only use liners made of paper or boxboard.

What items cannot go in the garbage or recycling bin?

  1. household waste like chemicals or motor oil

  2. sharps (needles)

  3. electronics

  4. construction and renovation waste

Have questions? Check out HRM’s recycling guides below!


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